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Baby Dust Nursery* Reborn PROTOTYPE ~Cadence~ Olga Auer

by Cassie Peek ~CRIB~Colliii Rooting Award 09

 Beautiful Baby Girl…‘Cadence’

 D.O.B: 16th June 2010

Weight: 4lb  12oz

Length: 18.5 inches

(slightly bent legs)

This beautiful little girl has been reborned from the Brand new Cadence sculpt by Olga Auer and produced into vinyl kit by Bitsy Bundles Nursery. It is a gorgeous kit and was so much fun to reborn, with only 150 kits produced worldwide Cadence is sure to sell out very quickly! Her expression is worth a thousand words, its so adorable, Olga is wonderful with her sculpting work. I adore this gorgeous little girl.


– Soft to touch vinyl

– 3/4 arms and 3/4 slightly bent legs

– Blue Laucher German hand blown glass eyes

– Genesis heat paints

– Micro rooted baby fine hair

–  Skin Tones

Cadence has beautiful newborn skin tones created with Genesis heat set paints. The paint will never fade or chip over time. These paints also offer flexible versatility when creating the complex skin tones of babies. Cadence has very translucent and detailed skin tones!  Her nose is not opened  in order to maintain the integrity of the vinyl.  Cadence’s nails look freshly cut. No small detail has been over looked, no little crease or wrinkle has gone un-touched and her fine details are exquisite. Cadence’s eyebrows have been painted on too,   fine wispy stokes, matching the colour of her hair!

Hair and Weighting  – has is micro rooted using the finest mohair from Slumberland Nursery.  Its completely baby soft. Cadence has been cleverly rooted just one hair at a time all over with two shades of fair brown and a darker brown mohair in kid grade, it is completely rooted including her very fine baby hairs. Her hair is sealed from within so it can be sprayed with water and gentle comb/style.  Also micro rooted fine eyelashes to match the colour of her hair.

Cadence has been weighted using the finest products available to me. Her limbs are weighted with fine glass beads and sealed. Her head has been weighted using a pouch of larger glass bead and padded with natural fibre fill. The body has been weighted a pouch of glass beads, steel shot and heavy faux fleece. She is so cuddly and feels just like a real baby in your arms with perfectly weighted proportions!

Cadence is an amazing collectable heirloom baby doll, she not intended for small children.
She also has a magnetic dummy.

Introducing Beautiful Baby Flower Fairy


D.O.B             7th September 2010

 Weight         5lb 2 ozs

Length          20 cms

Daisy who has been made from PROTOTYPE sculpt #3 SUMMER FAIRY by Shawna Clymer.

 Shawna is the queen of fairy babies! I love all her fairies but ‘Summer’ is by far my favourite, she is so beautiful with a peaceful, cheerful look on her face.

Details PROTOTYPE Summer Fairy by Shawna Clymer

Stunning newborn flower fairy

¾ arms and full legs

Doe suede body with jointed arms and full legs

Genesis heat set paints

Real looking skin and mottling

Truly radiant, 3D looking skin

Rooted eyelashes

Painted veins and tiny capillaries

Micro rooted premium mohair

Beautiful red head!!

*Rooted* ‘peach fuzz’ baby hairs

Realistic swirling crown

Directional rooting

Beautiful Layette

Daisy is a stunning newborn baby flower fairy. She has beautiful skin created through many layers to give a realistic 3D effect.  She has skin tones of an older baby with delicate mottling, fairer skin tones and realistic veining and thread veins.  Her nails have been tipped and sealed to give a natural sheen, Daisy’s nostrils are not open but have been shaded the inside to add depth. Genesis Heat Set paints have been used to to create her beautiful skin tones.  These paints are very good quality and will never chip or fade, meaning Daisy will look beautiful forever.  Daisy has ¾ arms and full legs. Her limbs have been filled with 100% recycled glass granules and topped off with heavy fibrefill. Her body has been evenly weighted with pouches of glass granules, fibrefill and baby fat, giving her a really cuddly feel, there is some steel shot in her bottom and head to give her a nice heavy feeling without her being over filled.  Her head has also been filled with a sealed pouch of glass micro beads and fibrefill. As Daisy is an older baby she is a  little firmer so that she can sit up with support as real baby of this age could.   Daisy is 20inches long from head to foot. She has a magnet in her head for her hair decoration.

Hair – Daisy has beautiful silky soft RED hair, it has been micro rooted with a very fine needle using kid, auburn spice, mohair from Slumberland Nursery, this mohair is so fine, which is just perfect for baby hair and two different thicknesses have been used to achieve her look. Daisy has a swirly crown and her hair had been directionally rooted to give her a head of hair that will stay in place once styled. Daisy’s hair is so easy to style due to the beautiful quality of the mohair.  It really is so amazingly soft and fine that you can literally dampen and style, and it stays exactly in place when dry. Her hair and lashes have been sealed from the inside with strong glue meaning you are able to dampen and restyle it any way you wish.

Emma (Description to follow)

 Baby Lerato Reborn By Master Artist and Master Craftsmen Wendy Graham

(Lerato is a Latin name and means song of my soul)

Reborn on: May. 27th, 2010

At: 15:47

Weight: 4lbs 10oz

Length: 19 inches

Reborn from a Nico doll kit by Gundrun Legler.

The Finer Details of Baby Lerato

~ Beautiful detailed 3/4 vinyl Arms and Legs ~

 ~ Head is Micro rooted with top quality Medium brown mohair ~

~ Limbs are filled with super ultra fine glass beads ~

 ~ No sand has been used in this unique baby ~

~ Hand painted with genesis heatset paints ~

 ~ Superior disc jointed cloth body filled with tenderflex, feels like real baby fat ~

~ close to life babyskin painting ~

 ~ Faint veining ~

~ Hand rooted eyelashes ~

Baby Lerato has been given veins and deep undertones creating the appearance of a young baby. Genesis heat  paints, bring this little sweetheart to life. This specialized technique provides a ” realistic skin tone ” which gives a superior result.  A silky textured finish just the same as a young baby.  Genesis paints will not fade or wear off. His realistically sculptured head is sealed on the inside and ” perfectly weighted ” with a pouch of non-rusting steel pellets. You think your cradling a real baby’s head in your hands. Non-rusting pellets and not glass beads are used as they give more of a realistic weight to the head they are more exspensive than glass beads.  Lerato’s cute little nose has been opened and then backed with black felt. His ” superior quality cloth body” has been filled with tenderflex and is all squiggly, just like real baby fat. The lips and nails have been ” delicately hand-painted ” and then sealed to look as natural, as they should be.  Medium brown kid mohair was used for the ultra micro rooting using a 43 gauge needle which has no barbs just one tiny slot on the tip to push one hair at a time into the head to give the best result possible with no unsightly plugs . The crown is a natural swirl with the hair being rooted in directional layers as found on a real babies head.



Kerry Harvey the Artist at “Kezza’s Babies” 

She is Reborn/Newborn from the Gorgeous Sold Out Limited Edition “Samiah” Kit  sculpted by the Very Talented “Tamie Yarie”

Date Of Birth~ 19.1.2010.

Weight~ 2lb 7oz

Length~15 Inches

Hair ~Hand Painted Medium Brown 

Eyelashes~ Medium Brown Mohair

Limbs~ 3/4 Arms and Legs

Sculpt~ “Samiah” by “Tamie Yarie” 


  Samiah Won Two Awards in the “Tiny Treasures Reborn Awards 2010″ At Idex in Orlando Florida  



Samiah is painted with genesis heatset paints which are permanent and will not fade. “Samiah” has been painted from “Top to Toe” with no crease being missed. She has subtle veining and a slighty blotchy newborn skin tone. Her hair and eyebrows are painted very finely with individual strokes.  Her ten tiny fingers and toes have all had a delicate baby manicure giving them a “just clipped” look and have a satin sheen to them. Her lips are blushed and sealed with a satin finish she has spit bubbles in her little mouth. She has a slightly moist look to the corner of her eyes and her nostrils. She has a final all over coat of genesis matt finish which gives her a slightly textured feel.  Samiah has a quality fully jointed doe suede body made especially for her. Her limbs are weighted with fine glass beads then filled with fibrefill and sealed with a silicone sealant to prevent any leakage.  Her body is filled with baby fat and fibrefill making her lovely and cuddly and realistic feeling. She is quite “floppy” as a new baby would be which makes her easy  to pose .  Her Head needs to be supported just like a Real Babies.

OOAK Realistic Hand-Sculpted Baby BOY by Jen Printy.

 Introducing Little Peanut – Measuring 11 inches long

This  is a hand sculpted jointed body baby doll. His head, 3/4 arms and legs are sculpted from ProSculpt polymer clay.   He has blue glass eyes. His hair is mohair that has been hand-applied and baked into his head.  His cloth doe-suede body has been weighted with polly-pellets for that cuddly baby feel.

Noah – her details will follow:


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  1. marisa
    Apr 07, 2012 @ 10:11:34

    Hi sir

    How are you?

    does Daisy have a floppy head but she can’t put a real dummy inside the mouth she is so cute. and which country are you in again i forgot sorry.



  2. Virginia m helms
    Dec 11, 2013 @ 03:13:58

    Are these dolls for sale?


  3. Mary Murphy
    Jan 08, 2014 @ 00:55:44

    I would be interested in Daisy if she is for sale. Please give me info if you can.

    Thanks – Mary


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